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What is a Property Portfolio?

Provide us with any of your property details (title deeds, contracts of sale etc) and we will undergo an onsite inspection of any property type including fields, building sites, apartments, houses, villas, shops, offices and more. We will then create a comprehensive portfolio covering a range of issues you should be aware of. This includes essential information any property owner should know such as location, accessibility, planning zones, influences from proposed road networks and more. Of course each property profile will be accompanied by a set of professional Dynamic Shots photos. The service package will include a hard copy of our Portfolio and the customer can choose to also receive an e-mail containing any of the following:

  • Portfolio in electronic form 
  • Property images in High Definition
  • 360 panorama file

Being members of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors is our guarantee of a professional approach to all your property needs. We guarantee to undergo our property surveying with the appropriate due diligence and professionalism expected from an RICS member.

Property Portfolios & Property Surveying

Rural Tours & 360° Panoramas  

Our 360° panoramic photography techniques are great to simulate any virtual environment where the viewer can get a spherical view of their property. This service is especially useful for rural areas where you have issues of accessibility and long distances between properties, making actual viewings unattractive or even impossible. Our user friendly one-click navigation interface will provide you with an easy yet powerful tool to explore, get information, move between properties and at the same time show your exact location through integrated Google Earth map links. We provide a number of formats so that these files will be easily viewable on any PC.

These virtual tours are great to send to prospective buyers or even upload on your website if you are a professional real estate agent.


Real estate Valuations

We have an active role in the surveying process and together with our affiliate property valuers we guarantee to provide you with the best possible advice and appraisal for any type of property. Please contact us for further information relating to this service.

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