Polarising Filters explained

Polarising filter basics  Polarising filters have a number of applications in photography making them very useful tools in certain situations including in photography for real estate. Like polarised sun glasses most people are aware of, these filters work in a similar fashion managing reflection and suppressing glare from reaching your eyes. In practice this means that by wearing a […]

Aperture & Depth of Field explained

Your cameras Aperture (measured in f-stops) which controls Depth of Field is one of the most important creative controls for your image composition. The human brain is designed to crunch information and by default directs the eye to the sharp (in-focus) parts of any image where information can be easily processed. In contrast out-of focus […]

About Property Photography

Each type of photography has some elements that work you should be aware of. Conventional property photography for example requires sharp images and a large depth of field* which means that a tripod will be a necessary item in your shooting tool-kit. Tripods are essential for long exposures and in order to avoid camera shake. […]

About Photography

Photography skill sets can be categorised under two main headings, mechanics which involves the technical knowledge required to take photos including post-processing, and composition which involves the individual’s interpretation of a specific image through the application of mechanics. It is not just a matter of buying a DSL camera, turning the auto shoot mode on […]