Rest assured that great photography does sell property!


Why go with professional photography?

According to the Wall Street Journal “First impressions seem to matter most when it comes to dating, job interviews…and real-estate listings”. Studies have shown that the average impression is determined during the first 20 seconds of viewing a property’s photos. On-line marketeers have concluded that approximately 60% of buyers seem to be only interested in the photography. The remaining 40% spend around 80% of their time looking at photos and only 20% finding out information like price and location and reading agent comments about the property.

In other words “Show don’t tell!”

Dynamic Shots Real-estate Photography

Our goal in every visit is to produce around 10-20 high quality pictures the client can choose from, showcasing the main features of the property. Interior photography includes all major areas like the living room, kitchen and dining area, master bedrooms and bathrooms. Exterior photography includes the front and back of the property, the garden, as well as any unique feature like a roof garden, swimming pools and certainly the view. We apply a wide range of shooting techniques including High Dynamic Range photography (HDR), Elevated  shots taken from 3-6 meters above street level, wide angle panoramic shots and 360° panoramas. Find out more about our panoramas by clicking on the following button:

360 Virtual Tours

Service Delivery

After shooting all images are processed and optimised according to customer requirements to produce great results and lasting impressions.The customer will have the finalised images delivered within three to five working days after the shooting, with the exception of larger projects. Upon completion the files will be accessed and stored through a download link sent by e-mail. 

View the virtual tour at “Panorama Wedding Cyprus Villas” web-page.

View the virtual tour at “Panorama Wedding Cyprus Villas” web-page.

Visit the “Hill View” upgraded web-page.

Our guarantee as professional real estate photographers is to go the distance to create a complete and effective marketing profile, even if it requires us to visit the property on more than one occasion.

Showcasing your business through great photography is an essential step in upgrading your on-line presence. Photography for business is an essential part of creating a good on-line profile for any type of organisation whether you are a local restaurant, bar or a  beauty spa owner to larger organisations like hotels and hospitals.